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This pandemic has changed our lives. Students and professionals use video conferencing apps every day to attend lectures or board meetings. Assistant today the launch of the Assistant for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex for Otter Business Plan users. The Assistant tool will collaborate all meetings, transcribe all conversations, create a set of minutes, and share this with everyone even if the user isn’t around. Other features like recording are available in those video conferencing apps.

Google generates closed captioning in real-time. Transcription options for Teams and Jitsi are also available. Assistant announced its product for Zoom in May, and it is now extending it to other platforms. The transcribing tool wants to create a more cohesive and openly ready tool, one that can offer more of the agency of an able assistant. Assistant Can Transcribe Microsoft Teams and Google MeetThe tool will monitor the users’ calendar for meetings and even join before the user as a good assistant would. Sam Liang, founder, and CEO of, said in an interview that the goal is to have the assistant join automatically with a minimum of configuration. He explained that he wants to go beyond transcribing.

They are focused on enabling meetings with The service also offers users the chance to snap screenshots and insert them as illustrations to the meeting notes. The users can also add their own text notes or highlight particular sections of important dialog. The ability to transcribe virtual meetings comes with Otter business subscription plans, the cheapest of which is $20 per month.

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