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Plaiground Launched by Minsait for Companies to Access AI

Minsait, an Indra firm, announced on Tuesday that it has created the most creative strategy to help businesses gain access to all of the solutions and benefits that Artificial Intelligence can give. Plaiground, the company’s new Artificial Intelligence business unit, delivers the most appropriate answer to all the individual difficulties encountered by businesses, according to the company, thanks to a unique ecosystem of specialised talent and a mix of the most modern technologies.

At the same time, it allows businesses to innovate and experiment with new ways to apply technical advancements. Plaiground facilitates access to the talent, methodologies, and technologies that organisations require to create Artificial Intelligence-based business processes that enable them to be more sustainable and competitive in a rapidly evolving technological environment by creating a collaborative environment.

Plaiground Launched by Minsait for Companies to Access AIIn fact, this open paradigm enables Plaiground to assemble teams of the most relevant and adaptable specialist expertise to address each company’s individual needs: a team for each task. Cognitive complexity means that firms have a wide range of alternatives for utilising Artificial Intelligence, all of which must be supported by the suitable specialist. As the uniqueness of each advanced analytics use case necessitates specialised attention.

They have access to an ecosystem of proven experts improves focus and execution while avoiding the risk and cost of hiring these experts on a permanent basis. The recent establishment of AI Lab Granada, one of Europe’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence labs, by Minsait and the University of Granada, with Google Cloud as a technological partner, is one of the clearest illustrations of Plaiground’s concept materialisation. Thanks to the major role played by the Regional Government of Andalusia in fostering AI, this centre will feature more than 100 AI PhDs, 165 consultants, developers, and researchers, as well as an ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs.

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