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Researchers and a Cybersecurity Group are Urging Microsoft Cloud Database Customers to take Action

One of Microsoft Corp.’s (MSFT.O) Azure cloud platforms was found to have a significant vulnerability on Saturday, prompting the company to recommend that all customers, not just the 3,300 people it contacted this week, replace their digital access credentials.

This month, Researchers at the cloud security company Wiz learned they had access to the primary cryptographic keys for most users of the Cosmos DB database system, which gave them the ability to steal, alter or destroy thousands if not millions of records, as originally reported by the news agency.

Researchers and a Cybersecurity Group are Urging Microsoft Cloud Database Customers to take ActionMicrosoft, alerted by Wiz, quickly rectified the setup error that would have made it simple for any Cosmos user to get access to other customers’ databases, and then informed some users Thursday to alter their keys, according to The Register.According to the report, there was no indication that attackers had used the same weakness to get access to consumer data in the past.As a result of their examination, Microsoft concluded that there was no illegal access other than the Researchers activities. All clients who may be affected by Researchers activity have been notified, possibly referring to the possibility that Wiz’s method has leaked.

As a result, “even though no customer data has been accessed, it is advised that you renew your primary read-write keys,” it stated.As part of a Friday bulletin, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency used more forceful wording to emphasize that the alert wasn’t only for those notified.Azure Cosmos DB clients are highly advised to “roll and regenerate their certificate key”, according to CISA.

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