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Samsung Pay Wallet to Save Permanent Copy of Digital COVID-19 Immunisation Certificate 

Through cooperation with healthcare facility The Commons Project, Samsung Pay-enabled smartphones may now hold digital editions of customers’ COVID-19 immunization certificates, the smartphone manufacturer said. It’s part of a collaboration with the Commons Project Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to healthcare.

To obtain their COVID-19 vaccination records from participating pharmacies, healthcare systems, and health professionals, users must initiate the free download of CommonHealth app available on Goole Playstore, followed by subsequent directions. The customer can update their credentials to their Samsung Pay wallet after they have accessibility to it in the CommonHealth app. The COVID-19 Vaccine Permit will then appear on the front tab of the Samsung Pay app.

Samsung Pay Wallet to Save Permanent Copy of Digital COVID-19 Immunisation Certificate“Samsung, as a major smartphone maker and online wallets, provides users with a safe and convenient location to keep their personal health data. The Commons Project is dedicated to growing our network of collaborators and providing customers with high and secure access to their own healthcare information,” says JP Pollak, Co-Founder and Chief Architect of The Commons Project.

It’s unclear if eateries, schools, workplaces, or other establishments that need evidence of immunization will accept this information in this electronic form or require you to present your paper vaccination card. Samsung Pay still maintains a modest portion of the mobile banking industry, which is dominated by Apple Pay.Although the adoption of the computerized COVID-19 vaccination card has been sluggish, advancement has been achieved.

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