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Smart Lights and Smart Music Sync with the Latest Spotify Philips Partnership

Philips Hue is partnering with Spotify so that lightbulbs can automatically sync up with whatever music users are listening to, with matching color coordination and lighting effects. The partnership is definitely going to an upscale competition in light-music integration as players are already offering solutions such as like Signify’s own Hue Sync app, but those methods are highly intrusive as some external hardware listen in on everything they are playing.

This partnership avoids that by letting the Hue Bridge tap directly into Spotify to see what’s playing once you’ve linked your accounts. This partnership is also supposed to provide a better experience that lets PhilipsHue tweak lighting effects aligning with user preferences data such as genre, tempo, volume, mood, and more.

Smart Lights and Smart Music Sync with the Latest Spotify Philips PartnershipUsers can also go into the app and customize the effects if they don’t want the system deciding how to light things on its own.Not all the PhilipsHueowner is going to have, and the feature only supports color bulbs. Even if the users don’t need a paid Spotify subscription, free accounts will work just fine.Signify says the feature will be launched today and be available to all Hue users within a week.

It was initially billed as an early access feature in October. It must have a prominent billing as a permanent part of the Hue app. In addition to the Spotify partnership, Signify announced a whole bunch of new Hue lights today, including more filament lights, brighter bulb configurations, and updated lamps.The light company also planned to launch new smart bulbs, light strips, and lamps. The New filament bulbs can change color temperature. The smart bulbs are available in Brighter options for color-temperature changing and full-color versions of the standard Hue bulbs.

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