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Stadia Support for Chromecast in Google Tv

Stadia Support is coming to Chromecast with Google TV on June 23. Google is rolling out an update to the streaming dongle that adds underlying support for the game streaming service and makes a handful of other improvements.

Version QTS1.210311.008 is rolling out now as an 86.03MB download that’s officially called a minor Software update. That qualifier likely refers to how the device remains on the same security patch as before. This Chromecast with Google TV update primarily adds Stadia Support ahead of the Android TV launch. The application is not yet available to download from the Play Store after upgrading.

Stadia Support for Chromecast in Google TvGoogle touts additional improvements to Bluetooth latency for speakers and headphones. The last release at the end of April added Bluetooth Audio stuttering improvements in some Apps. This update addresses how advanced video settings don’t reset after reboots on some TVs. Those additional preferences were also introduced in the last update to provide granular control over HDR and color formats, as well as resolution/refresh rate. There is no accompanying Voice Remote update today. Google reminds users to restart the Chromecast once the download completes.

The Google Stadia game streaming service has exited its experimental phase on iOS and is now a progressive web app within Safari. Stadia first came to iOS and iPad OS in December in the form of a beta web app. The game streaming service brings PC games to any Stadia-enabled device without a download or need for a powerful graphics card. The new version includes the ability to choose mobile-optimized resolution adjustments.

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