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Telegram Giving More Control for Cleaning Up Messages

Telegram always manages to cram a lot of goodies into its point updates and the messaging app’s v8.3 is no exception. Here’s what’s new, from a creative new authentication factor to multiple methods to manage your privacy across chats and devices. The option to remove entire days of messages delivered in a one-on-one chat adds to the disappearing message settings. They can open the calendar by tapping any date bar that appears in the thread and selecting the days they want to wipe.

You can’t delete something you’ve shared from other people’s devices, of course. If you exchange private messages and content in a private group or channel, you may now protect it by turning on the “Restrict saving content” toggle in the group settings. Messages and photos from the group can no longer be shared or forwarded, and screenshots are no longer possible. That won’t stop anyone from employing root exploits or snapping screenshots of the screen with a different camera, but the more barriers there are, the better.

Telegram Giving More Control for Cleaning Up MessagesMaybe you’re trying to join a bunch of different groups or channels? It’s possible that group admins will contact you in response to your request, but they haven’t been labelled as such until now. Soon, you’ll be able to see which group you’re being contacted about, as well as when you requested to join as part of an admin’s outreach. Using quizzes or asking a donation, bot admins will be able to manage privileged access to the group.

Telegram has also made it easier for users to anonymously post in groups by allowing them to comment as a channel. Before making a comment, users can press on their avatar and choose a channel name instead. This successfully anonymizes your post as long as you haven’t personally identified yourself with the channel.

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