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TikTok Launches New Features

TikTok announced plans to roll out support for longer videos on the platform. In a blog post, the company revealed that it would soon let creators make up to 3-minute long videos that would encourage them to create new or expanded types of content.

While the new longer format is yet to roll out to all users, TikTok has now started testing a new feature that will let you pay your favorite creators for custom videos. According to BuzzFeed News, TikTok is testing the new Shoutouts feature with creators in Turkey and Dubai.

TikTok Launches New FeaturesThe feature lets users request custom videos from creators and tip them using the same in-app currency used during live videos. Creators get the option to set their rates for custom videos. As you can see in the attached screenshots, the feature appears as a link called “TikTok Shoutouts” under the creator’s bio. Tapping on it brings up a pop-up that shows the price of a custom video, a short description, a rating bar, and a “Request” button.

It says the content moderation algorithm within the Creator Marketplace, launched in mid-2020, is a work in progress. The problem stretched into Wednesday afternoon at that time, TikTok placed a block on anyone updating their marketplace bios. The company says it has since corrected the faulty AI, though any changes to the bios still cannot go through.The company says that the algorithm flagged the phrases because Tyler had also written the word “audience” in his bio, and the AI had been taught to flag bios that included the word “die,” which is contained within the word “audience,” and things like “Black” and “Black Lives Matter” as possible hate speech.

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