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University of Minnesota Uses AI to develop Climate Models

Climate Models developed, and studied so far all have one thing in common to say, that is the earth will warm up dramatically over the coming decades. However, being able to put forth a precise forecast with exact range of magnitude of warming will allow a much deeper study. It will enable climate scientist access to a better understanding of the future extremities, sea level rise, and weather patterns.

A team of experts have come together for $25 million Climate Models center. The facility will be solely dedicated to development of advanced Climate Models, and will receive funds from the U.S National Science Foundation.

University of Minnesota Uses AI to develop Climate ModelsPrimary objective of the researcher’s team from University of Minnesota twin Cities will be to use big data analytics along with artificial intelligence to design higher precision Climate Models. These will ultimately help create awareness, and start preparing for the inevitable adversities and disruptions foreseeable in future.

Such focused efforts towards developing highly reliable Climate Models will answer a stream of questions or challenges. For instance, for the inhabitants of New York City, is building a seawall the current need of the hour. Or for one living in California or Texas, how does the forecast for water availability look? Depending on the projections, certain specific types of crops will be more favourable.These are the range of questions that will be answered, said computer science professor Vipin Kumar. Kumar is also a part of the new team developed at University of Minnesota’s unique Climate Models center.

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