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US Army Test New handheld DAPS replacing DAGR

The US Army has replaced their DAGR devices with new handheld Dismounted Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing System (DAPS). The US Army tested DAGR efficiency testing it in reconnaissance and fire missions exposing it to a variety of scenarios. Its test performance was evaluated in realtime operational environment. The DAPR could enable the soldiers better navigate, communicate, and shoot in an environment where GPS access is denied.

DAPS will provide PNTA-PNT capability to the dismounted soldiers in GPS degraded or GPS denied environment. The DAGR will function similar to a smartphone.  The Army is further planning to leverage DAPS and DAPS capabilities as a part of military code GPS compliance strategy.

US Army Test New handheld DAPS replacing DAGRSoldiers from different battalion regiments conducted real time operations across rough and varied environment to test its efficiency even in GPS degraded or GPS denied environment. The soldiers after conducting intensive test operations gave valuable feedbacks about the efficiency and suitability of DAPR. They identified  DAPR’s strengths and weaknesses.Apart from the above points, the soldiers provided different techniques to mount the systems and suggestions for improvements. The DAPR will provide assured PNT to the soldiers. Interestingly, it will also alert the dismounted solider whether the GPS solution will meet situational or mission critical needs.

The DAPR is equipped with multiple sensors and timing sources to provide the best PNT solution. However, the DAPR has size constraints. The soldiers are already burdened with other crucial materials mounted on their body. However, DAPR size and weight is lesser than DAGR making it convenient for use.

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