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US Army’s Main Battle Tank Gets New AI Embedded Technology

The US Army’s optimally managed tank is at the conceptual stage. The US army and field experts are debating whether to simply upgrading it or make it AI embedded to enable it to undertake future missions.However, the US Army is considering the new concept “Optionally Manned Tank” as the Army Science Board and Ground Vehicle Systems Center is currently exploring technologies, weapons, and platforms to incorporate into the US Army Abrams Tank.

The US Army is gathering information regarding the integration of new AI technologies. The integration of AI into the actual tactical functions is a key focus.Technological possibilities like future air-ground armored hovering attack platforms, the ability to fire lasers, and rockets from the air at low altitudes with the help of AI-built algorithms are being considered. Furthermore, a wide range of array options is being studied to incorporate it into the Main Battle Tank.

US Army’s Main Battle Tank Gets New AI Embedded TechnologyProviding long-range sensors for advanced protection of the Abrams and improved firepower range are key capabilities the US Army is considering while upgrading the main Battle Tank.The US Army states that incorporating the main Battle Tank with the aforementioned possibilities will enable the main Battle Tank to fight alongside a heavily armored tank. The capabilities will make the Abrams superior in terms of survivability, says the US Army.

To make the tanks superior from all other sides, the US Army is building technology for advanced algorithms. The US Army is also experimenting and demonstrating AI technologies that will enable the systems to increasingly handle threatening circumstances without human intervention.

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