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US Builds Software to Predict China’s Reactions on Congressional Activities In Taiwan

The US has built a software tool that will allow them to predict China’s actions on US Activities in regions like military sales , military Activities and actions like US military visits to hotspots like Taiwan. Kathleen Hicks, the Deputy secretary of defense was briefed over the software tool during his visit to United States Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii.

The tool analyzes strategic friction and taken into consideration the data since early 2020 and evaluate important Activities that had impacted the US-Sino relations. The software will help the defense forces predict whether certain actions taken by US can provoke reactions from Chinese government.

US Builds Software to Predict China’s Reactions on Congressional Activities In TaiwanRecently, in October, the Chinese government condemned US and Canada for sending warship through the Taiwan strait saying that US and Canada are hampering peace and security in the region. Such incidents have fueled the development of the software.

The software will allow the US government to predict which actions can inadvertently upsets China. While relations are at a low point between China and US the software will allow get better visibility to US of its actions like ,military sales, congressional visits, arms sales to allies, and other several Activities taken through the Taiwan strait that could inadvertently upset China and get unintended Chinese reaction. The software will allow US to take planned actions.

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