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US Cybersecurity Agency Warns of Software Flaw

The US Cybersecurity agency is warning that a new software flaw is threatening millions of personal devices that may further hack any organization. The agency warned that the flaw is in Log4j, a snippet of open-source code widely used in internet applications across the globe. It is used to track user activities on the internet applications. The agency stated that as most computer networks of modern organizations also rely on different programs there are various opportunities that can be used to exploit that flaw.

The Cybersecurity  agency stated the warning in a meeting that was held with Cybersecurity officials and private firms. The Cybersecurity agency director Jen Easterly warning about the flaw said that already many organizations’ computer systems have been compromised according to the data revealed by agency spokesperson. The agency stated that the vulnerability is not threatening to personal devices but can have a toll on organizations’ computer systems that do not update the software.

US Cybersecurity Agency Warns of Software FlawThe flaw came into spotlight when Cybersecurity professionals discovered that hackers around the world are using the flaw to trick the victims into small amounts of cryptocurrency misdirect them and hack private Minecraft servers. There are not yet more reports about Log4j causing vulnerabilities to computer systems. According to the agency Log4j is a combination of new vulnerabilities as it is widespread and has scores of opportunities to exploit.

The Netherlands National Cyber Security Centre has also identified hundreds of software applications on the internet that if not updated can face vulnerabilities from the flaw.

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