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US Safety Agency NHTS in Talks with Tesla to Replace Some US Vehicle Cameras

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTS) is in talks with Tesla to replace cameras in some U.S. vehicles. According to reports, Tesla was replacing some cameras in several Model 3, X, and S vehicles as for they had faulty circuit boards but the company has not issued a recall. NHTS that monitors all data sources along with consumer complaints also urged the public to express their views on the safety defects.

According to US law, the manufacturers that have safety defects in its vehicles cannot sell the vehicles as it poses unreasonable risk to safety. The agency said that it has robust monitoring tools that lets it identify safety defects and act if the manufacturers is non-compliant to rules.

US Safety Agency NHTS in Talks with Tesla to Replace Some US Vehicle CamerasThe executive director at Center of Auto Safety said, the front-end camera is critical to Tesla’s driver assistance suite and its malfunctioning is important for safety of the vehicle. The former official at NHTS, David Friedman said, the front-end camera is used for blind sport monitoring and its malfunctioning would pose safety risks.

He also said, if people will lose reliable access to blind spot images the automatic brake system will be hampered as well as the effectiveness of autopilot will be hampered thereby posing unreasonable risk to vehicle safety and driver safety. Hence, NHTS is discussing its decision with Tesla to replace the vehicle cameras with new ones.

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