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US Welcomes PM Modi to Discuss on Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Drones, and Semiconductors

India’s PM Modi began his talk with American CEO’s on artificial intelligence, semiconductors, drones, and more crucial topics like 5G. started his first talks with Cristiano E Amon, the President and CEO Qualcomm. Qualcomm is leading firm in wireless technology. Today, Qualcomm is playing a big role in the field of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things industries.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris held talks with PM Modi and expressed interest in working together on the wireless technologies and advanced technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Amon also expressed interest in working together with India on semiconductors.

US Welcomes PM Modi to Discuss on Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Drones, and SemiconductorsPM Modi also met Shantanu Narayen, the President and CEO of Adobe. held crucial talks with the California based giant regarding collaboration and future investment in the most technology advanced sector as artificial intelligence.Digital India which is Modi’s flagship program was also emphasized during the talks. PM Modi and Narayen also discussed on creating centers of excellence for Artificial Intelligence in India. Both of them talked on ideas for implementing AI in education, healthcare, science, and other fields to boost innovation.

PM Modi also held discussions with Vivek Lall, the CEO of General Atomics regarding then regarding research and development in energy and defense firm.Both the nations are confident that these talks will help them to work in the field of AI, semiconductors, energy, and other economically crucial fields.

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