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Users Can Ditch OK GOOGLE for Common Tasks 

GOOGLE is currently developing Quick phrases, a new feature that could save you from saying Hey, for common phrases like What time is it? or Turn the lights on. The feature is yet to be validated, and it’s still uncertain about the launch date or or even device compatibility.

The feature was first discussed back in April under the codename Guacamole. Initially, it was called the Voice shortcuts, and looked like the capabilities seemed limited to silencing alarms and timers, or responding to incoming phone calls. The new menu has various other tasks which are also called salsas as GOOGLE is renaming them. These salsas include the options of asking about the weather, skipping some music or re-set alarms and timers in addition to just silencing them.

Users Can Ditch OK GOOGLE for Common TasksFrom the settings menu, it appears as though users need to individually enable specific commands to get them to work. So wake word, and Voice Match will be used to ensure they only respond to your unique voice. The menu item indicates that the terms can be set to work across other GOOGLE Assistant devices in addition to your own phone.

The blog post said that the feature works by expanding the list of wake phrases on GOOGLE Assistant devices. The software by default is only listening for a Hey, or OK, wake phrase, but likely if users have added What time is it? as a Quick Phrase, this effectively becomes a wake phrase of its own.A similar feature, introduced in 2019, already exists for GOOGLE Nest smart speakers and displays that allows silence an alarm without needing to say a wake word first. Quick Phrases expands this functionality dramatically to potentially encompass a wide variety of other common tasks.

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