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Vacuum and mop, two in one

IRobot is considered as the king of making robotic Vacuum and mop. But now, you can do both in one. IRobot has a separate customer base which is unbeatable. Earlier, the company used to make a separate robotic vacuum cleaner and another separate Vacuum and mop. But IRobots’ competitors have been making these two into one product. IRobot has now officially launched its first two in one robotic vacuum-cum-mop. Although IRobot has a two in one product available, but only in the European market. This has reached the US as well.

The executive of IRobot claimed that their customers were extremely excited for the convenience that would come if robot roomba would be able to both Vacuum and mop. Hence, they decided to go forward with the plan. The name of the product is Roomba Combo j7+. It brings the combined amazing features of both the notable products from the roomba product line – vacuuming and mopping all together. The company also explained the meaning behind the long name of the new product.

Vacuum and mop, two in oneThe word ‘combo’ in the name means the combination of mopping added to the vacuuming feature and the + sign denotes the dock attached in the machine. Furthermore, the ‘combo’ gives clues that maybe more features will be added in the product line for customers’ convenience. The Roomba Combo j7+ first Vacuum and mop, making the cleaning almost simultaneous as well as at the same time.

The only difference between the combo j7+ and the standard j7 is the increased size of the robot’s footprint because of the additional water tank in the product. The company has priced the Roomba Combo j7+ at $1099 and is now available for pre-orders. Grab yours now!

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