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‘Vibe check’ by Google Maps

Updates in google maps will give a full on ‘Vibe check’ around your neighborhood. This holiday season, Google is bringing amazing updates to one of its most used apps of all times – Google Maps. The new feature called “Vibe check” in Google Maps will let you get full on cozy vibes from the neighborhood you are in, even if it’s a completely new city.

‘Vibe check’ by Google MapsThis feature will suggest you famous restaurants, museums, bars, hotels, airbnbs, and many more tourist places in the city you currently are. It is such a cool feature for all the travel enthusiasts. The best of the places will be shown by the feature by collaborating Artificial intelligence along with customer reviews online. Google believes that this feature would be helpful in promoting local tourism and culture instead of traveling in big renowned cities and tourist places.

The new ‘Vibe check’ feature of Google Maps will be available in both android and iOS, but in the coming months. Some other updates in the app will include the ‘aerial view’ available at I/O, along with the ‘search with live view’ feature.

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