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Voyager Buys Majority Ownership in a Major Electronics Maker

Voyager Space is pursuing a goal to become a vertically-integrated, publicly-traded exploration and infrastructure corporation. In the process, it has discovered a critical technology purchase to add to its portfolio. Voyager announced on Monday that it had paid an unknown price for a majority stake in onboard satellite computer and electronics maker Space Micro. will also provide strategic operations support to help Space Micro advance its technologies across government and commercial entities under the terms of the deal.

NASA, the Space Force, the Air Force, and Special Operations Command are Space Micro’s government customers in the United States. NASA has awarded the business contracts to develop sorting interference processing units for Earth observation and transponders for two Artemis missions to the Moon.

Voyager Buys Majority Ownership in a Major Electronics MakerOrbit Micro, which was founded in 2002, delivered its first computer and image-professing subsystem in space within four years of its launch and then went on to create software-defined radios for NASA in support of three imaging and surveying missions: The Lunar Atmosphere Dust and Environment Explorer, the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph, and the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite.

Space Micro’s technology for space payloads, laser-secure communications terminals, and signal converters has been acquired by the Defense Department. Voyager was created in late 2019 to acquire many space startup firms as part of its vertical integration plan, led by noted angel investor and CEO Dylan Taylor. The deal with Space Micro marks Voyager sixth acquisition, either of half ownership in another company or outright purchase. In the past, Valley Tech Systems, NanoRacks, The Launch Company, Altius Space Machines, and Pioneer Astronautics were all acquired by Voyager.

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