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What Does the Future Hold for IoT, How Can it Come through?

Ben Calhoun and Dave Wentzloff co-founded Everactive as part of an exemplary model that perpetuated the future of interconnected devices. At the time when the company got instilled in 2012, analysts and tech giants were expecting an overhauling surge in the number of IoT devices, predicting an extravagant yet incessant 1 trillion mark by 2015.

With the emergence of the manufacturing plants across the industrial setup, there are often thousands of assets in line seeking protection for durability and efficient operations. An effective free-flowing monitoring system needs to take care of dissemination of streaming data from each of the points to keep the information timely diverting its routes to the stakeholders.

What Does the Future Hold for IoT, How Can it Come through?However, implementing and maintaining such a wobble at a large scale is really tough. The wired sensing prolepsis has cost-prohibition to deploy the service across locations to construct a meaningful network for it to be considered useful. Imagine if the issue of non-durable batteries spread across a world where we have 1 trillion IoT devices. The existence maintenance problems of the customers seemed to have upgraded to the next cohesive level when the devices got integrated with battery-powered capabilities.

“We started Everactive with the collective vision of ridding the IoT world of batteries while ushering in the next era of self-powered computing systems,” said Wentzloff.

In the present context, even we acquire an IoT device that configures a 10-year battery lifespan, we would be coerced to change around 270 million batteries every day, wow humungous stakes! To address the probe, we urge the companies to build a high-density high network that covers long bandwidths and implies itself also in harsh environments that are notoriously inept to the wireless signals at range.

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