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Whatsapp Messenger Allow Users to Join the Call in the Middle

WhatsApp Messenger is rolling out new features intending to make it easier for people to join group calls with family and friends. Joinable calls allow you to hop on a call that’s already started, or leave and rejoin the call.

The chat app is also adding an information screen to your calls so you can see who’s already on the call and who still needs to join. If you want to hold off on joining a call with your friends and family, you can hit ignore and join the call later from WhatsApp’s calls tab.Whatsapp Messenger said that the feature will start rolling out Monday.WhatsApp said it’ll add multi-device support, letting you link four devices to one account.WhatsApp is rolling out a limited public beta test for its updated multi-device capability.

Whatsapp Messenger Allow Users to Join the Call in the MiddleThe Facebook subsidiary plans to test the experience with a small group of users from our existing beta program. With the beta, first teased in June, users will be able to use WhatsApp on a phone and up to four linked companion devices simultaneously, even if their phone battery dies.Each device connects to a user’s WhatsApp account independently and maintains end-to-end encryption.

Facebook says it developed new technology to maintain end-to-end encryption while also syncing data like contact names and chat archives across devices.The current WhatsApp Messenger experience, before this beta, uses a phone as the primary device and has companion devices mirror the phone’s contents with their user interfaces. They depend on a phone to operate, companion devices are slower and frequently get disconnected.

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