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Zoom Chat renamed Zoom Team Chat

Zoom renames its Zoom Chat feature as zoom team chat, recently. During the pandemic, many of us participated in numerous Zoom calls. However, you may not be aware that Zoom also offers Zoom Chat, a service that is somewhat comparable to Microsoft Teams and Slack. Recently, Zoom made a slight change in the name of the which is now known as Zoom Team Chat along with a few other upgrades to the software.

Since the customers are unclear about the difference between the chat in zoom meets and the communication suite of zoom, the video-conferencing company added the feature of Team. According to the head of the production of team chat of zoom, Sharvari Nerurkar, making changes in the name of the product will definitely help the customers distinguish between the two features more efficiently.

Zoom Chat renamed Zoom Team ChatZoom Team Chat is supposed to be designed in such a way that it works as a single center for collaborating with your co-workers through texts or video calls. If a company is using Zoom for fulfilling their video conferencing needs, Zoom Team Chat feature can be used, theoretically. Customers are complaining Zoom that working with the same group of individuals using numerous different tools since causes lot of friction.

By the end of September, Zoom hopes to roll out a few additional features that will enhance the actual Zoom Team Chat experience. Customers will be able to share in-meeting chat directly into Zoom Team Chat as part of one upgrade, making it simpler to see any significant remarks once the meeting has ended. Additionally, clients will be able to book a Zoom meeting directly from a Zoom Chat, which may be helpful if they are having a text chat that might benefit from a phone conference

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