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Zoom Plans to Add New Focus Mode to Improve Video Calls

Zoom made an announcement this week regarding the launch of focus mode for its famous video conferencing platform. This focus mode is basically designed for keeping students from getting diverted while attending classes online.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these classes have become more than necessary across the globe. Numerous video and audio calling apps are consistently upgrading their platforms with brand new features and services to enhance user experience. Currently, Zoom is providing a Focus mode that can be used by anyone but is great for teachers.

Zoom Plans to Add New Focus Mode to Improve Video CallsThe company first disclosed that as the host turns on the focus mode, the rest of the participants won’t be able to see other people on the call. But, the host will still get to have access to webcams of all participants.The mode allows teachers to see all the students, and students can see the teacher but won’t see anyone else on the call. With this latest feature, the teachers can monitor students’ activities but the students won’t be disturbed by other students’ activities. According to the company, the latest feature can be used for individual users, groups, or accounts.

Focus mode in iOS 15

This focus mode is also available for iOS 15. On the other hand, it functions differently, as there are new options added. With this feature, iOS, users can create focus profiles for numerous activities like studying, working, sleeping, etc.

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